Part of the restored prairie is shown in September 2020 on the site of Austin’s former gas-manufacturing plant that is tied to a recent remediation project led by property owner Minnesota Energy Resources to remove contaminated soil and sediments from the land, shoreline and in the adjacent Cedar River.

Prairie revived after pollution cleanup along Cedar River

MPCA, company still monitoring river, old Austin gas plant site

Volunteers with the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center’s annual river cleanup pose with items removed during their project in 2017 near the old gas plant site.
Native prairie restored on the old gas plant site shines at sunrise in September 2020.
Former facilities of the old Austin Gas Co. operations in Austin are outlined on a map over the present site.
Remediation work spans part of the Cedar River State Water Trail’s shoreline in April 2019 near the confluence with Dobbins Creek in Austin’s Driesner Park.
Crews led by Minnesota Energy Resources remove contaminated sediment in December 2018 from the shoreline and riverbed of the Cedar River in Austin.
Sunrise in September 2020 over the restored prairie.
Circa 1920 image of the former Austin Gas Co. facility between the Cedar River and present day 4th St. S.E.
1915 newspaper ad
Wildflowers grow in September 2020 along a gravel, public path through the former gas plant’s property in southeast Austin.

Formed in 2007, CRWD works to reduce flooding and improve water quality on the Cedar River State Water Trail and its tributaries in southern Minnesota.

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