Part of the 800 acres that are part of the Rod Moe Family’s farming operation in Waltham Township near the Mower-Dodge county line. The Moes have received the 2018 Outstanding Conservationist Award as given annually by the Mower Soil & Water Conservation District’s Board of Supervisors.

Moe family honored for farm conservation

Mower SWCD recognizes Waltham farmers with annual award

Rod Moe; daugher, Rachel; and wife, Colleen; are Mower SWCD’s 2018 Outstanding Conservationists for their Waltham Township farm.
One of the Moe family’s strip-tillage crop fields in northern Mower County. Strip till involves disturbing only the portion of soil that is needed for the crop row.
Buffered drainage ditch on the Moe farm. These are not required by state law to have vegetative buffer but the Moes still established it on their land.
The Rod Moe Family’s farm in August in northern Mower County.
Rod Moe and his daughter, Rachel, look across their land in Waltham Township. Rachel helps with the farming while also teaching agriculture in Osakis, Minn.

Formed in 2007, CRWD works to reduce flooding and improve water quality on the Cedar River State Water Trail and its tributaries in southern Minnesota.

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