LOOKBACK: Ski club once offered at Austin’s ‘Alps” along Turtle Creek

Hilly area once referred to as Crestwood Hills known today as Nob Hill with section still owned by city for sledding in SW Austin

Crestwood Hills city ski lessons likely at the bottom of the City of Austin’s present-day Nob Hill sledding site — Jan. 22, 1955, Austin Daily Herald
1955 (north is the map’s right side)
Photo of a city ski lesson at Crestwood Hills in January 1955.
Children walk uphill on Dec. 31, 1955, while sledding at Nob Hill (spelled as “Knob Hill” in the article that went with this photo) along the west side of Turtle Creek in what today part of southwest Austin. At the time, this area was just outside the city limits and being platted for residential development.
January 1955 sledding at Crestwood Hills — today’s Nob Hill area in southwest Austin
July 1956

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