This is a 1930s photo from an “Austin Industrial” publication showing a family heading out to fish the Cedar River at the former Horace Austin State Park (today’s Austin Mill Pond) on a bend of the river that no longer exists due to property redevelopment in the North Main Street area in the 1960s.

LOOKBACK: Long history of fishing Cedar River in Austin area

Local waters especially popular in years before automobiles

Story on fishing debate in a July 1958 edition of the Austin Daily Herald.
1930s ad in Progressive Austin publication
Humorous photo creation from circa 1910 with the Cedar River at Austin’s downtown dam shown.
A fisherman uses a cane pole in 1915 to fish the Cedar River below the Ramsey Dam. (Photo provided by Dave & Ann Forland, owners of The Old Mill Restaurant at this location today).
Boys fish from the shoreline in the early 1900s in the Austin area — the location and year are unknown but the Austin Mill Pond area back then was much different backwaters with wooded islands. (Photo provided by Mitch Helle-Morrissey; color added to image by CRWD staff).
Boys fishing circa 1950 along a former bend of the Cedar River (filled in during the early 1960s) just north of downtown Austin when it was part of the Horace Austin State Park area. This part now is the area of Bremer Bank and the former YMCA property. Photo provided by William LeBarron.
Cedar River near Cedar City in Lyle Township (Photo used on KSMQ Public TV program).
1922 photo in the Austin Daily Herald
Wesley LeBarron with fish caught in Austin Mill Pond (behind where the Austin Public Library is today) in the 1930s. Photo provided by his son, William LeBarron.
Children cast fishing lines into Turtle Creek in July 2000 in Austin. (Photo by the late Gene Clennon).
Shoreline fishermen along the Cedar River above the downtown Austin dam on the cover of the January 1950 edition of the Hormel Foods “Squeal” magazine.
June 7, 1916, edition of Mower County Transcript-Republican
Boys fish with cane poles on the Cedar River’s west shoreline above the downtown Austin dam circa 1950 when that area was known as Central Park or City Park next to the downtown power plant. The original Hormel Foods plant can be seen in the background. (Photo provided by William LeBarron).
Undated photo from Austin.
A man and woman use a cane pole to fish in the early 1900s in the Austin area (location and year unknown). (Photo provided by Mitch Helle-Morrissey and color added to the image by CRWD staff).
Boy catches 12-pound northern without pole at Austing lagoon below Skinners Hill. Austin Daily Herald on July 6, 1966.
Boys 1968 photo in the Herald
May 1970 in the Herald
July 1962 in the Austin Daily Herald
December 1955 at East Side Lake from Herald.
Austin Daily Herald from July 29, 1969, of large dogfish caught by a boy at East Side Lake.

Formed in 2007, CRWD works to reduce flooding and improve water quality on the Cedar River State Water Trail and its tributaries in southern Minnesota.

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