1922 edition of the Herald

LOOKBACK: Cedar once stocked to the gills with fish by state

Austin Ikes later joined in effort, using lagoon as rearing pond

Feb. 1920 article in Herald
Cold flows into Wolf Creek from Todd Park’s spring-fed pond in August 2019. The pond, along with other springs and an increasing amount of conservation land in the Wolf watershed, are helping to support a good environment for rainbow trout being stocked by the MN DNR in spring 2020.
CRWD watershed technician James Fett holds a smallmouth bass he caught in July 2019 in the Cedar River State Water Trail at Austin Mill Pond.
July 1899 article in Herald
A family sets out to fish the Cedar River in 1926 at the present-day Austin Mill Pond when it was part of the former Horace Austin State Park. This stretch of river is no longer there; all filled in and developed.
April 1951 in Herald
April 1902 — part of a column in Herald by Mower County attorney on local fishing laws
An angler uses a cane pole to fish the Cedar River during the 1940s above the downtown dam. Photo is from a Hormel Foods “Squeal” magazine.
A photo in the Herald shows state fish hatchery staff from Lanesboro assist Austin Ikes members in October 1951 as they collect 10,000 bass — each 2 to 3 inches — from the Skinners Hill lagoon in Austin’s Community Bandshell Park. They planted the bass in the Cedar River above Ramsey Dam.
1953 in Herald
Oct. 2, 1957 photo in Herald of fish below Austin’s East Side Lake dam
A father and son fish along the Cedar River State Water Trail below the Ramsey Dam.

Formed in 2007, CRWD works to reduce flooding and improve water quality on the Cedar River State Water Trail and its tributaries in southern Minnesota.

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