Part of the newly named Herzog View on June 9, 2021, overlooking the East Side Lake dam on Dobbins Creek in northeast Austin. The City of Austin redeveloped this public space in recent years in coordination with Mower County replacing the adjacent Oakland Place bridge.

Lake’s overlook named Herzog View

New public area at East Side’s dam honors Austin man who led its creation in 1930s

July 15, 2021 — Jacob Herzog became inspired in 1910 after reading a newspaper article that put a $1 million value on a city having a lake.

State Rep. Jacob “Jake” Herzog served at the Legislature from 1949 to 1958. (Photo from the Minnesota House of Representatives’ archives)
1940 aerial of East Side Lake, which finally had enough water to fill its newly created lakebed after a November 1939 rain storm.
Herzog’s “Pillar of the City” plaque unveiled July 4, 2021, at Austin’s Freedom Fest at Bandshell Community Park. It now is placed on the North Main flood wall along Austin Mill Pond. (Photo by the City of Austin)
Jet skiers enjoy East Side Lake in July 2021 near the wall on its western shoreline. (Photo by Jill DeMoss)
A re-election flyer from the 1950s for then-state Rep. Jacob Herzog.
Aug. 18, 1961, edition of the Austin Daily Herald featuring Herzog.
1980s postcard of East Side Lake’s dam on Dobbins Creek.
1938 aerial photo showing the ongoing construction of the future East Side Lake in Austin.
Undated photo of East Side Lake’s dam on Dobbins Creek.
Headline in the Nov. 5, 1938, Austin Daily Herald after East Side Lake filled up.
East Side Lake’s old swimming beach in the northwest corner in 1941. It later closed due to water-quality issues with swimming.
1950 hydroplane races on East Side Lake.
1955 aerial photo of East Side Lake looking south.
A U.S. flag flies in July 2020 above Austin’s East Side Lake, which was created during the 1930s under the leadership and long-time vision of Jacob “Jake” Herzog. The late Herzog was honored July 4, 2021, as one of Austin’s new “Pillars of the City,” mainly for his extensive efforts to create the lake. Drone photo by CRWD.
Boy Scouts land their canoes on East Side Lake’s shoreline in August 2017. (Photo by Joscelyn Vlasaty)
Sunset over East Side Lake in October 2020. (Photo by Lou Beckel)

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