CRWD project manager Cody Fox (in red) explains during a June 11 field tour how the upstream berm of the Dobbins 1 project works when stormwater is flowing through the structure, reducing flooding and improving water quality. Grass is getting established on the berms, which were completed in late 2018 in the headwaters area of Dobbins Creek’s north branch in Dexter and Red Rock townships of Mower County.

CRWD to build more upland storage in Dobbins Creek watershed

District moving ahead with 4 earthern berms in 2019 to reduce flooding, improve water quality

Stormwater is released June 17 below the downstream berm of the Dobbins 1 project in the headwaters area of Dobbins Creek’s north branch.
Dobbins Creek Watershed is outlined in red with the lower-left corner including Austin’s East Side Lake, which is created by a dam on Dobbins. Green areas show land sections in which stormwater is slowed and treated by CRWD Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) projects completed through 2018. Purple areas show land that will be treated through four CIP projects to be built in 2019.
Dobbins Creek floods part of Interstate 90 in Austin in June 2008.
Dobbins Creek’s north branch flows through Austin’s Jay C. Hormel Nature Center in 2018.
Dobbins 1’s upstream berm showing mud June 17 after weekend rain storms backed up at the site. CRWD’s CIP projects capture large amounts of sediment with the stormwater temporarily detained after rain events.

Formed in 2007, CRWD works to reduce flooding and improve water quality on the Cedar River State Water Trail and its tributaries in southern Minnesota.

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