CRWD project manager Cody Fox checks with a contractor during a flood event in September 2018 at the site of the Dobbins 1 project’s downstream berm’s outlet in the upland areas of Dobbins Creek in Mower County. The project only was only partially done at that time but still helped slow and treat stormwater.

CRWD ends big project year in uplands

Dobbins 1 — one of largest CIP works planned — among those completed in 2018 to improve water quality, reduce flooding

Click here to view an interactive story map showing CRWD’s CIP project locations (finished and in the works).
Cody Fox, project manager for Cedar River Watershed District
Two yellow dots show the locations of Dobbins 1’s two earthen berms in Red Rock and Dexter townships. The City of Austin and East Side Lake (a reservoir created by a dam on Dobbins Creek) on the left side.
Blue shows the maximum area of land (more than 50 acres) that would be covered by stormwater at the Dobbins 1 site in the Dobbins Creek subwatershed’s headwaters. Some areas will be 15 feet deep at its peak.
Project #8 — Crews build an earthen berm in fall 2018 for various benefits, including to help reduce the chances of Mower County Road 20 overtopping with water.
Project #13 — A crew builds an earthen berm west of Dexter that will enhance the lifespan of a downstream, grass waterway while directing rain water into it.
Project #15 —An earthen berm is built west of Dexter along fence lines to minimize farm-field obstructions and reduce the cropland taken out of production.
Dobbins Creek below Austin’s East Side Lake dam in March 2018.

Formed in 2007, CRWD works to reduce flooding and improve water quality on the Cedar River State Water Trail and its tributaries in southern Minnesota.

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