COLUMN: Cedar River loses one of its conservation champions

Mower SWCD’s Justin Hanson remembers local conservationist, farmer Dwight Ault for his strong support of natural resources

One of the most-complex projects in Mower SWCD’s history, the Ault-Penkava project, as shown here in April 2016, restored wetlands and built a water-control structure to help reduce flooding and improve water quality. It all started with conservation-minded farmer Dwight Ault, who died April 24 at age 87.
Dwight Ault
Dwight Ault (first on left) in 1990 with other members of the Mower Soil & Water Conservation District’s Board of Supervisors.
Cattle graze in Dwight Ault’s pasture in 2012 north of Austin in Lansing Township.
Mower SWCD district manager Justin Hanson demonstrates in April 2016 how the water-control gate works at the Ault-Penkava project site on Dwight Ault’s land in Lansing Township to a crew from Twin Cities Public Television.

Formed in 2007, CRWD works to reduce flooding and improve water quality on the Cedar River State Water Trail and its tributaries in southern Minnesota.

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